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My Emulator is bigger than my screen.i tried to resize emulator size bt could not do it. plz help?

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If starting from the command line you can add the switch "-scale 0.75" to scale the UI 75%. You can also use "-scale 96dpi" to get an interface that's pretty close to the actual size of a phone on most monitors.

If using Eclipse, you should be able to add the -scale switch as an additional emulator option, but it doesn't work. Try creating the AVD using a screen resolution of HVGA. This will fit on a 1024x768 monitor without problems.

Hope this helps.

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To adjust the size of the Android Emulator from Eclipse, from the menu bar choose:

  1. Run --> Run Configurations
  2. Choose the "Target" tab and scroll down to the "Additional Emulator Command Line Options" box
  3. In that box, you can put "-scale 0.75" or "-scale 96dpi"
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