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I have a question. Is tinyint better to use or not with a 64 bit OS. The Paging on this would be of 64 bit and not 8. And thus tinyint will consume same memory as int(4 byte). How does it actually makes a difference?

Its for all language or db.

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tinybit? do you mean tinyint? and what database server are we talking about? –  Peter Feb 16 '11 at 8:45

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I think the best answer to performance questions like these is

Measure. Don't guess.

  1. Choose one or more dbms. (They don't all work the same.)
  2. Build a mock-up of your database using tinyint.
  3. Build another mock-up using integers.
  4. Load both with sample data.
  5. EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE queries on both databases.

Come back and tell us what you found. (You might be surprised.)

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of course a tinyint is faster / smaller than a bigint.

smaller datatypes allow more pages per row, the data is smaller.. indexes are smaller.

it's a BIG deal.

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