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i write a python script as bellow:

import os, subprocess
env = os.environ.copy()
env['PASSWD'] = "hello jian"
retcode = subprocess.call("smbclient -L //  -U Mikejian"),env=env)
print retcode

as i execute it , it works fine ,get retcode is 0, you know , i pass the password as an environment variable,so the python will not ask me for it .

it's ok 。

now , i want to move this code to MoinMoin's (a wiki engine) code . which in a class named User, as a function bellow

def _validateSMBPassword(self, username, password):
    debug("call _validateSMBPassword %s:%s " % (username, password))
    import subprocess, os, shlex
    cmd = "sudo smbclient -L //%(server)s -U %(user)s"
    cmd = cmd % {
        'server' : "",
        'user' : "Mikejian",
    env = os.environ.copy()
    env['PASSWD'] = "hello jian"
    retcode = subprocess.call("smbclient -L //  -U Mikejian",env=env,shell=True)
    debug("retcode:%d" % retcode)
    if retcode == 0:
        return True, True
    return False, False

in this case , i always got retcode is 1 ,not 0, it seemed that the env has not past the PASSWD environment variable.

could you tell me why ?and any solution suggestion?

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Env is passed inside the process, so if run your code in moinmoin, you need to make sure moinmoin actually get the environment you are expecting: how did you start moinmoin ? Note also that passing password like you do is a terrible idea for many reasons, including security. –  David Cournapeau Feb 16 '11 at 8:30

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Can I shamelessy suggest pysmbclient? It's a dirty hack I wrote to replace some shell scripts at work, but it works fine for me.

>>> smb = smbclient.SambaClient(server="MYSERVER", share="MYSHARE", 
...     username='foo', password='bar', domain='baz')
>>> print smb.listdir("/")
[u'file1.txt', u'file2.txt']
>>> f = smb.open('/file1.txt')
>>> data = f.read()
>>> f.close()
>>> smb.rename(u'/file1.txt', u'/file1.old')
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thank you , but access file or list file is not my purpose,i just want to use windows server to verify the user and password , instead using the default user/password verify mechanism of local MoinMoin wiki.you source code is useful . –  mike Feb 16 '11 at 10:14
@mike: Yeah, I use an authentication file, which is smbclient recommended way of passing auth information securely. You could use pysmbclient just for checking username/password, too. –  nosklo Feb 16 '11 at 10:25

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