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I urgently require a jQuery plugin to slide content . Let me explain what i mean.

DIV (id=Content)

BUTTON (id=1) BUTTON (id=2) BUTTON (..) BUTTON (..) 

So there is one DIV that contains a Unordered List with lets say 4 list items .

Now the content DIV should slide the respective LI into place when one of the 4 buttons are clicked.

I've looked into some of the plugins , but most of them offer a Next/prev feature which is really not that useful for me as the user may click on random buttons.

Also, One more thing is that this plugin should be compatible with IE 8.0 (Required) / FireFox / Chrome

Thanks & Regards,

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Here's a bunch of sliders. I'm sure one of them will meet your requirements.


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awesome! Thanks :D –  Shrayas Mar 4 '12 at 4:55

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