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I am writing Silverlight 4 application with Navigation framework and MEF.
In my application each menu for navigation must load on MEF project and show it.
But there are some problems. First of all I can't navigate to page of other XAP(see David Polls post). To do that I need DynamicNavigation.dll and must create extra pages, which is not acceptable in my case. Other soluction can be found on This version is looks much better.
Second problem for me is that example works great if there is on additional XAP, but if I load 2 or more XAPs(by clicking on menus for navigation), I can't decide which page to show.
If 2 XAPs are loaded MEFModuleList contains 2 pages and I can't get any information about them to decide which page to show.
One solution is to hard code XAP name of each project in pages, which will be loaded to MEFModuleList by Attribute or other way, but it is not good solution.
Is there any other way to solve this problem?

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