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SharpNEAT is a NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) library in C#.

The whole thing sounds pretty exciting but I can't find a damn sample/tutorial anywhere!

Any help appreciated!

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I just wrote a tutorial for SharpNEAT 2: http://www.nashcoding.com/?p=90

There are going to be at least two more follow-ups, covering co-evolution and HyperNEAT, but part 1 is enough to handle most experiments.

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thx - you're the man – JohnIdol Jul 18 '10 at 3:43

I haven't tried SharpNEAT, but I have played with a few of the java variants. I don't really know of any tutorials out there, most of them are just the way-too-simple XOR function.

Is there a specific question/problem you are trying to solve? Perhaps we could brainstorm a solution (to be fair I'm also relatively new at NEAT tho, but perhaps two minds are better than one? :-))

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I don't have any specific problem in mind - I am just very interested in exploring the potential of neuroevolution with NEAT - looking for tutorials just to get an idea of some real-world application. It's fascinating that neuroevolution is the same process from which the human brain evolved! – JohnIdol Apr 12 '09 at 18:14

No there isn't right now, but if you look at the source code and some of the existing experiments then hopefully it's fairly obvious how a problem domain is implemented and plugged in to the main neuro-evolution 'engine'. It's something I have noted for the future though.

You may also be interested in the Version 2 rewrite, currently in a pre-alpha phase but the source is available from the sharpneat website (news/releases section).

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