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I would like to horizontally center the icon in the column "Data":

enter image description here

I've got textAlign: center on my column:

enter image description here

And in the icon renderer function, I'm horizontally centering it with CSS:

enter image description here

Yet it is still left-aligned.

What else do I have to do so that the icon in the column is centered horizontally?

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can you give me the complete renderDataIcon function? –  Gajahlemu Feb 16 '11 at 10:05

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This is somewhat of a guess, because I don't have anything to test.

I notice that margin: 0 auto isn't working to center the image.

This leads me to think that you need display: block on the image - that should let your margin rule do what you expect.

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Maybe you need to change the render function like this:

function renderDataIcon(val) {
    if(val=='online') {
        return '<div style="width:100%;height:16px;background-image:url(/images/icon_yellow_dot.png);background-position:center center;background-repeat:no-repeat;">&nbsp;</div>';
    } else {
        return '<div style="width:100%;height:16px;background-image:url(/images/icon_red_dot.png);background-position:center center;background-repeat:no-repeat;">&nbsp;</div>';
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