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I meant to ask about the prime advantages of running an opensource software project to earn revenue. Could someone provide me with some real time instances? Thank you

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It depends on what your project is.

For example if your project is a library of some sort, you can resort to dual licensing - release source code under GPL or any other viral OSS license) for those who want to use it in their open-source projects. And sell it to people/companies who want to use it in proprietary (closed-source) applications.

This requires consent from everyone who contributed to the source code though (which can be extremely tricky/impossible to obtain).

Or if you have frequented website, you can put some ads there to generate revenue.

However generating revenue (for purpose of obtaining money) goes a little bit against the spirit of free software. If you need money for project maintenance, there is a chance you could do with donations from users (especially if you have established community of users).

EDIT: See these articles: Business models for open source software and Commercial open source software.

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Well the best way to that in my opinion would be support of the product. So your opensource project is free and can be used but say a big company or corporate wants to use your opensource project, you could offer a "support contract" or hourly fee for support and maintenance of the project.

Im sure there are many other ways but for me, I would take that route.

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