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Say I had three variables (On a 2D-field):

NumSquares, WindowSize (Both X and Y has this value), Index

So if, for example, NumSquares were 8, WindowSize 256 and Index was at 64; How would the algorithm to get positional data out of these variables look?

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I assume that by "positional data" you mean coordinates on the grid. And index means position of the tile in linearized array calculated with formula X + width * Y. Then:

X = index % width
Y = index / width

I'm not sure what language you are working in, so just to be sure: % is modulo, / is in this context integer division.

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Ah, exactly what I needed. Thank you for solving two of my problems for today: My original question, and my sudden lack of proper words :D Oh, and I´m working in C# :) –  Marcus Hansson Feb 16 '11 at 10:38

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