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Is there a way to avoid image stretching in an UIImageView and aligning it to the bottom at the same time? Basically I want to obtain what would happen if it was possible to combine the UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit and UIViewContentModeBottom contentModes.

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Found the solution on my own. This code resizes the UIImageView to its image's size, and moves it at the bottom of its superview.

CGSize initialImageSize = imageView.size;

CGSize imageSize = imageView.image.size;
CGFloat aspectRatio = imageSize.width / imageSize.height;

CGRect imageFrame = imageView.frame;

if (initialImageSize.width / aspectRatio <= initialImageSize.height) {
    imageFrame.size.width = initialImageSize.width;
    imageFrame.size.height = imageFrame.size.width / aspectRatio;
} else {
    imageFrame.size.height = initialImageSize.height;
    imageFrame.size.width = imageFrame.size.height * aspectRatio;

CGRect parentFrame = imageView.superview.frame;
imageFrame.origin.y = (parentFrame.origin.y + parentFrame.size.height) - imageFrame.size.height;

imageView.frame = imageFrame;
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Any way to not get the image view to move, just have the image push to the bottom of the UIImageView? –  RyeMAC3 Jul 14 '12 at 19:50

My solution:

    float newwidth;
    float newheight;

    if (image.size.height>=image.size.width){

            float diff=imageview.frame.size.width-newwidth;


            float diff=imageview.frame.size.height-newheight;
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When posting code, it is preferable to add a brief explanation of what it does and perhaps how it differs from other solutions. –  ronalchn Sep 26 '12 at 5:48

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