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I'm integrating a legacy system with SP2010 using a literal SOAP calls. I can do a call such as CopyIntoItems or UpdateListItems and doing so, set metadata fields by providing a Fields node such as:

       <FieldInformation Type="Note" DisplayName="Country_0"
                         Value="UK|91c89925-16e6-4d41-9e71-ec45e8f2a113" />

In the Value attribute, I have to give the guid of the taxonomy or metadata term. That works fine in the above example since I happen to know the guid of the term UK. However, how can I dynamically figure out what the guid of some other value, say France for example, would be? I was thinking of making a utility to get them all and cache them on my system somehow so I can look them up easily, but where are they defined?

Possibly a stupid question, I get the feeling I've missed something...

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The GetList call should allow you to get all the ID's.

But the UpdateListItems (and) call should work using just the internal names.

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Thanks for the help. Unfortunately UpdateListItems refuses to do anything without the GUID of the value - returns success but ignores the update. Also I can't get Lists.GetList to return any taxonomy fields - what would the ListName parameter be? – jambox Feb 18 '11 at 15:28
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From the MSDN Sharepoint 2010 forum:

Not sure if this is the best way but it's the answer I'm going with for the time being.

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