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is there a way to do the "slide to unlock" text animation on iphone, developed on android?



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Have you ever succeeded in what you were trying to accomplish? I'm currently trying to do the same—is it possible? – Ritesh Kumar Dubey Feb 12 '13 at 13:56
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There are ways to create animations on android.

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This is helpful for learning how to animate things, such as text views, but mimicking the animation used on the iPhone is a much larger problem. – zoonsf Sep 22 '14 at 19:38

Here is a real answer for this question:

Information on how to use it is in the wiki.

But for the sake of completion:

Add a ShimmerTextView to your layout:


To start the animation:

shimmer = new Shimmer();

You may want to keep track of the shimmer instance after the animation is started if you want to stop it.

To stop it:


Enjoy :D

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