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Instead of calling av_register_all(), is there an example of selecting a single decoder to use? I guess I would have to call avcodec_register(), av_register_codec_parser() etc...

The question is, which functions exactly should be called, because av_open_input_file() fails with -2 if I don't use av_register_all().

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There is a way to do that :) I just wrote down all the steps for you which av_register_all does. I thought it might give you a better understanding, since it might not be sufficient to only register the codec. Best would be for yourself to take a look in the source code:

1) the Hardware-Acceleration:


2) the Codecs / Dec,Enc,DecEnc, ext. Libraries etc....


3) the Parsers


4) Bitstream Filters


5) register Mux/Demuxers


6) If RTP:


7) Protocols

av_register_protocol2(URLProtocol*pr, int size);

Hope that helped?

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