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I want to compare 2 repositories in svn. I try to make program which get contents from svn using svn and then compare local directory. Is it possible to get contents from svn using svnkit without checking out. I do not want to modify anything in repository. Is it possible to exclude some elements like images from downloading.

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You can use SVNKit as well as the command line:

svn cat URL/file.txt

But this means you have to do file by file...The above svn cat can be done with SVNKit as well....

EDIT: As i wrote you can do everything with SVNKit so the only problem was to take a look into the docs. Ok you can see the documentation of SVNKit and here you have examples how to get the contents of files. An other good source of information is to take a look at the source code of SVNKit, cause there are complete implementations of the svn command line client in Java with all features.

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User has to install svn in their machine to use svn command line. I am making a simple desktop application to compare repository. User may or may not have svn in their machine. Can you more elaborate on how get data using SVNKIT. –  dmay Feb 17 '11 at 7:10

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