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I've got a quite annoying problem with the links that point to the error line when a unit test fails.

The test are running normally. But it would be good if the link were working. I have to check the line, find the file and go to that particular line.

It's not that important, but it's nice to have.

The content of a link is: about:projectfile%3A4F7C8F8A-1D52-49C1-8220-B9AE77BAF564%2Ff%3AUpdateCustomerTests.cs%3F879%3F1

The name of the file is in there, but I'm not sure whether the rest of the content is correct.

Hope someone knows how to fix it.

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I Just stumbled over this, too.

It is caused by the Internet security options for the Internet Zone.

To fix this, go to Internet Options -> Security -> Internet Zone Custom Level and Activate "Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone".

found the solution at jetBrains forums

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