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Is it possible to get the type of a class from a property instance

I tried the following

var model = new MyModel("SomeValueForMyProperty")

Type declaringType = model.MyProperty.GetType().DeclaringType

But the result is always not for both DeclaringType and ReflectedType

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You mean the type on which the property is declared, from the type of the property? public class Derp{ public string Herp{get;set;}} from typeof(string) you want to get typeof(Derp)? –  Will Feb 16 '11 at 14:44
Now that you put it that way :) I can see that it does not really make sence to use GetType() in this way. I think I need to get to the PropertyInfo, but not sure if it is possible from the property instance itself –  ricardo Feb 16 '11 at 15:04

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There is no direct link from a Type to a class declaring a property of that type.

You'll need to use a PropertyInfo:

PropertyInfo propInfo = model.GetType().GetProperty("MyProperty");

// get the property value:
object value = propInfo.GetValue(model, null);
// get the property's declaring type:
Type declaringType = propInfo.DeclaringType;
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