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We generally get tables from the client in a particular form of excel .

This is just a sample/abstract idea of how the data will look like

empid        Integer                10     Not Null

empName      Character Varying      50      

Salary       Integer                10

I am actually looking for some tool which could generate the create script in any language that is specified by the user.

Say for example If i say Mysql/Postgres/Derby or any Database it should be able to generate create table scripts in that language

Is ter any Open source tool already available for this or else I would like to develop this using VBA as a small utility .

Some suggestion on this would be most appreciated.

The credit of this idea goes to

Credit : Harish ( Syndrome / Roharme / Hard Darh)

Thanks and Regards


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You might want to take a look at the TalenD:ETL open source (Extract, Transform, Load) ETL tool

Its capable of transforming between a huge number of formats and has a pretty good UI - the product I'd start with is "Talend Open Studio"

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If you can use Perl, have a look at


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if you use PHPMYADMIN, set the delimiter to \t. Worked for me with the NDC. I had to create the table and column names.

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