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I have the below code in python:

import RDF

parser = RDF.Parser()



list = []
for triple in model:
    print triple.subject, triple.predicate, triple.object
    list.append([ triple.subject , triple.predicate , triple.object ] )
print len(list)
for k in list:
  print k

at the first loop the statements of my rdf are printed correctly.But at the 2nd statement the addresses of each element is printed out:

 < RDF.Node object at 0x7eec158c>, < RDF.Node object at 0x7eec1b2c>, < RDF.Node object at 

< RDF.Node object at 0x7eec146c>, < RDF.Node object at 0x7eec606c>, < RDF.Node object at 0x7eec612c>

. . .

Why this is happened instead of printing the statements?

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for k in list:
    print map(str, k)
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for k in list:
  print str(k)
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The same output – curious Feb 16 '11 at 15:40

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