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I am trying to find SQL Server (2005) source code for system functions. In .NET, I either use Reflector to dissademble the code or I download the source code directly from microsoft. Is there a solution for viewing Sql server's source code? I would like to see the inner workings of one of the system supplied functions, specifically the Dateadd() function.

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You can't see any code relating to DATEADD. There are some features within SQL Server which are implemented in a similar manner as you or I might implement such features. The code for these can be found in the master database (e.g. you can go and see how sp_who2 is implemented).

However, some features are more inherently "built in" to SQL - they can't be implemented in T-SQL, and microsoft do not offer (so far as I'm aware) any access to view the implementation of them.

If you have a question about DATEADD, I'd suggest you post it as a separate question - others may know the answer, or at least be able to supply educated guesses :-|

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