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I haven't set up Hudson before and I'm hoping someone can tell me if what I want to do with it is feasible or not.

I'm writing code that will collect metrics during a Hudson build. This code will be part of our functional test code for the project. I want to test this code in Hudson before checking the code in so I don't break the Hudson build that the rest of the team uses. I'll also be doing further development, testing, and tuning of the code so having my own Hudson instance as a "development" sandbox will be helpful for that too.

My question has to do with using my working copy of the code in Hudson. Can I set up a local instance of Hudson on my workstation and have it use my working copy of the code base instead of doing a checkout from source control? The code I want to test won't be in source control yet.


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I was able to do this in the project configuration by selecting None for SCM and in the shell command section adding a "cd d:\myproj" before running the .bat file that runs my tests.

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You can select not to fetch from an SCM, specify which Ant build file to run from, which script to run, or which directory to run Maven from - anywhere on your file system.

In addition, you can specify where to pick up test results, collect metrics directly from your code, or collect metrics directly from console output - for publishing in Hudson/ Jenkins.

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