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Eclipse has a stack trace console where you can paste in any stack trace, and it'll try to make the MyClass:143 references clickable. There's a format function that does this for you, but the stack traces I get from my app's log files are big single lines with &s separating each trace item.

Is there a way to customize the format function so it'll also do a global replace? In my case I want to do s/&/\n/

The only other question I've found just talks about using this console, not modifying the format function.

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help.eclipse.org seems to be crashing (OOM errors) so here's the google cache of the page I linked: webcache.googleusercontent.com/… – Steve Armstrong Feb 16 '11 at 16:44

I've not seen anything in the preferences for this, also from looking at the code in Eclipse this area doesn't seem particularly extensible.

I think you'd have to contribute your own action to the console, however you'd have to write a bit of code... Take a look at FormatStackTraceActionDelegate - the result of running this action eventually calls: private String format(String trace) in JavaStackTraceConsole That's really where you want to hook in right?

If it were me, and something I was doing all the time I'd write the action, however it may be a lot of work for the reward.

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