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How can I use HTML signature in Horde webmail. I can see the there is option "Switch to HTML composition" in firfox when I compose new message. But I don't see it in Internet Explorer and Chrome. I want to use my HTML signature embeded (by default) whenever I compose new message in all browser.

Any Solution?


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Looking at the Horde ticket system, it appears that there is no official support for HTML signatures in Horde Webmail.

It is partially implemented via Stationery, and others have suggested just creating a Draft in HTML Composition mode, inserting your Sig there, and just duplicating the Draft whenever you send an e-mail.

Beyond that, it may be something you can code yourself if you have access to the source.

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yes stationery was the only option which i came up with. However composing a new message in html is not supported by all browsers. So it seems like, there is no feasible solution for this problem. – Developer Feb 17 '11 at 8:36
Further to jnpcl - if you are using a server management system like Plesk, changing the config files to "hack" this in (as I have) will simply result in it randomly disappearing again some day, when Plesk does an update and replaces all of your changes. If you do go that route, make a backup of the new and old files, as you change them! – user1314121 Apr 5 '12 at 0:38

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