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I'v seen on my android SDK tools folder an app named etc1tool.

It shoult convert PNG file in ETC1, but what is ETC1 file ?

I d'ont understand what is it and whenn use it.

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A Compressed Texture. Spec is here.

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OK thank you very much. – zobi8225 Feb 16 '11 at 18:20

Its a tool that compressed the size of your image (If not compressed) here its a usage of etc1tool

go to terminal

  • 1) cd AndroidSDK/platform-tools/
  • 2)./etc1tool /Users/c68/Desktop/Imgcopy.png

You should get Imgcopy.pkm ,A compreesded version of your image

now we need to decode .PKM file , Use below command to decode your file

  1. ./etc1tool --decode /Users/c68/Desktop/imgcopy.pkm


You will get your compressed version of the image with same named as Imgcopy.png.

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