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I have a java field that I want to subclass in jruby defined like so:

public abstract class FilterObjectStream<S, T> implements ObjectStream<T> {
    protected final ObjectStream<S> samples;

I then want to subclass this class and access this member, I have tried to access the protected final member like this, using field_accessor:

class NameSampleDataStream
  field_accessor :samples

class HtmlNameSampleDataStream < NameSampleDataStream
  def read
    token = self.samples.read()

I am getting an error message:

SecurityError: Cannot change final field 'samples'

I guess the exception answers the question but is there anyway that I can access this variable or is the game up?

I cannot change the java source unfortunately.

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Can you try just doing "field_reader"? It's possible to set a final field accessible, but we don't do that for you, and what you want here is just a reader, right?

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