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I trid add right scroll in div. In all browsers this work perfect. But in iPad safari it dont wont to work. It the Ipad not suported this css attribute?

I prepared test html. It do not work too.

            .ounner {
                border: solid 1px red;
                height: 500px;
                overflow:scroll ;
                border: solid blue 1px;
                height: 700px;
                width: 400px;
        <div class="ounner">
            <div class="inner">
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iOS Safari doesn't display scroll-bars on elements. To show hidden content requires a two-finger drag. This is also true on large code samples here on Stackoverflow. And, frankly, an irritation (certainly on iPhone). – David Thomas Feb 16 '11 at 17:47

overflow: auto and overflow: scroll are supported on MobileSafari, but since scrollbars are not used on iOS, to scroll these areas one must use two fingers.

There is a JavaScript library called iScroll that handles touch events and implements one-finger momentum scrolling manually; perhaps that would be worth looking into.

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I have used css:

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

and scrolling works with 1 finger as well (iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1).

Hope it helps, Filip

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