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how can I store map in map in javascript?

var data = {};
data['key'] = {'val1', 'val2'};

And I get an error about wrong id.

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You either need an array...

var data = {};
data['key'] = ['val1', 'val2'];  // store an Array at data.key

data.key[0]; // 'val1'

...or keys for your values in the object...

var data = {};
data['key'] = {key1:'val1', key2:'val2'};  // store an Object at data.key 

data.key.key1;  // 'val1'
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Thanks, I'm stupid :) –  Ockonal Feb 16 '11 at 18:45

If you want just an array (a list) in the data map, what patrick dw has is fine.

If you want a map in your data map, you need the following:

var data = {};
data['key'] = {'val1': 'val2'}; // using a colon instead of a comma to create key-value pairing

You can also simplify this using JavaScript object notation:

var data = {};
data.key = {val1: 'val2'};
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Bah. @patrick dw ninja-edited his post as I wrote mine. :-) –  Platinum Azure Feb 16 '11 at 18:30

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