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My previous team used a combination of googletest, buildbot, gcov and Google Chart tools to provide us with project insight. We used the Google Chart tools to generate graphs of unit test coverage vs time to identify trends. We used the gcov reports to identify areas with the largest coverage gaps. The information was used internally to the team.

Now I'm going to be working with a team that develops for Windows and doesn't have any of this infrastructure in place. We're starting from zero unit test coverage and I'd like to start moving in the right direction. I'm looking for suggestions on tool suites that have worked for the Windows developers out there.

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Pls refer to the discussion about this in the thread below (URL pasted below):

Task automation software on Windows servers

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so basically what I suggest is, to use "Hudson", its easy to setup. Its written in Java, it has a bunch of plugins some of which are test reporting tools, and plotting tools to show you the results in a condensed format with nice color codings. –  optimistAk Feb 17 '11 at 3:18

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