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I am comprating two files containing a large array of numbers using 'diff'. The files look identical except some numbers have minus signs instead of plus signs. Is there an option to ignore a character like '-' and then compare the files?

Just to clarify:

If file 1 is :

1 -1 5 -3

and the other is

1 1 5 3

I want the return to say they are identical.


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1 Answer

You could use sed to take out the - characters before diffing:

sed s/-//g f1 | diff - f2


$ cat f1
1 -1 5 -3
$ cat f2
1 1 5 3
$ sed s/-//g f1 | diff - f2
$ echo $?
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tr -d would also work instead of sed. –  wnoise Feb 16 '11 at 19:48
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