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I'm using the Perl push on an array, but every time I push something on the array, it also pushes the item's index as well.
I am doing the same action on 2 arrays at the same time, and one pushes as expected, but the other does not.
What could be causing this unexplained behavior?

if ($var->{color} == 1) {
    push @x, $var->{variable}.'-l';  
    push @y, $var->{variable}.'-p';
else {
    push @x, '__',
    push @y, '__',

y has the data as expected, but x does not.

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You want semicolons, not commas here:

push @x, '__';
push @y, '__';
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Monumentally stupid on my end. –  chustar Feb 16 '11 at 19:01

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