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I am receiving a input as vnc://

What i want to do with this input is :
1. Extract the IP address.
2. Extract the password.
3. Launch vncviewer with the ip and password provided.
4. All this should this be automated, once the input is received.

extracting the ip and password is easy. then i launch the vncviewer with the ip provided, but how do i pass the password to that without prompting the user for the password ?

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Not sure what you're asking here. What application are you writing, who is "I" in "I am receiving an input"? Are you writing a bash script? A native application? Are you just asking for the command line arguments of the vncviewer application? (Which vncviewer, there are lots?) If so, please consult its man page. – hheimbuerger Mar 4 '11 at 10:30

Assuming (by the tags) that you are using the vncviewer program from the command-prompt i think you could do something like this:

echo "password" | vncviewer -autopass host:display

using your example: vnc://

echo "test" | vncviewer -autopass
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@Arihant Nahata, did you check this solution? follow-up if it doesn't work somehow or if you have found your own answer please post it :-) – Bruno Flávio Aug 13 '11 at 14:44

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