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i made message-box -> a form that has label for message and label for title

and OK button (do nothing).

i can rise this message from any form in my program.

i need message-box that has yes button and no button, and to know

if it pressed yes or no

how to do it ?

can i get any sample code for this ?

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MSDN my friend.

MSDN MessageBox.Show(...)

From the link:

// Initializes the variables to pass to the MessageBox.Show method.

string message = "You did not enter a server name. Cancel this operation?";
string caption = "Error Detected in Input";
MessageBoxButtons buttons = MessageBoxButtons.YesNo;
DialogResult result;

// Displays the MessageBox.

result = MessageBox.Show(message, caption, buttons);

if (result == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes)
    // Closes the parent form.
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Exactly my thought; why reinvent the wheel? –  Fredrik Mörk Feb 16 '11 at 20:06

On your button's click event handler use:

this.DialogResult = System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes;

instead of


And then handle it as normal on your calling code.

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MessageBox.Show has the following Method signature:

public static DialogResult Show(
    string text,
    string caption,
    MessageBoxButtons buttons

Which means you can speicify what buttons you would like to display. * Example

var dialogResult = MessageBox.Show("Do you have socks?", "Question.", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo);

These are the following MessageBoxButtons you can select from:

  • OK
  • OKCancel
  • AbortRetryIgnore
  • YesNoCancel
  • YesNo
  • RetryCancel
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If you want to return different kinds of results (like, say, a string of text) you can do something like this:

public class MyMessageBox : Form
    // You can add parameters here if needed
    public static string Ask()
        var form = new MyMessageBox();
        return form.ResponseTextBox.Text;
    // regular stuff

Then just do

string answer = MyMessageBox.Ask();

If running on Windows Vista or later, you can use the Windows API Code Pack to use the new TaskDialog.

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There is a built-in function to do this:

var result = MessageBox.Show("your message here", "title", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo);
if (result == DialogResult.Yes) {
    // .. 

If you want to do similar, but with your own custom form, just set the "Yes" button's DialogResult to Yes and the "No" button's to No, and then call ShowDialog() on your form.

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dialogResult dr;
dr=MessageBox.show("Do U want To save The Record","Confirm",MessageBoxButtons.YesNo);
//Code for to insert the data into database
   messageBox.show("Record Saved Successfully");

this code is for ,if u want to save the form data to the database after confirmation.Here i only show how to access the value of message box where user press which button.

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Please give more information in your answer and not just the code –  meneldal May 9 at 8:27

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