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I am using the aspectj-maven-plugin when trying to weave my aspect into my application. The problem I am seeing is that the compilation and weaving seems to run fine, but whenever it gets to the test phase it simply hangs. I have included a section from my pom.xml



This is the output I get:

[INFO] Compiling 7 source files to /home/***/target/classes
[INFO] [aspectj:compile {execution: default}]
[INFO] [resources:testResources {execution: default-testResources}]
[WARNING] Using platform encoding (UTF-8 actually) to copy filtered resources, i.e. build is platform dependent!
[INFO] skip non existing resourceDirectory /home/***/src/test/resources
[INFO] [compiler:testCompile {execution: default-testCompile}]
[INFO] Compiling 5 source files to /home/***/target/test-classes
[INFO] [aspectj:test-compile {execution: default}]
[INFO] [surefire:test {execution: default-test}]
[INFO] Surefire report directory: /home/***/surefire-reports

  T E S T S
Running com.example.MyTest

Has anyone else seen this behaviour / know how to fix it?

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Putting this here in case someone did as I was doing. The reason the test was hanging was because of the aspect pointcut.

call(* *.*(..))

After this I had an advice that was called before the pointcut. However this creating a cyclic condition, and was hanging my tests. doh!

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