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I am trying to compile then execute the Leptonica example program colorquant_reg.c


  • OS: Ubuntu

  • Location: leptonlib-1.67/src/colorquant_reg.c

    (I moved it to src since I didn't now how to tell the compiler that the missing allheaders.h library file is located in /src and not in the original location of colorquant_reg.c of leptonlib-1.67/prog)

  • What I tried: gcc -I. colorquant_reg -o out

  • Expected result: An executable I could use to color quantize a .tif file of mine.

  • Error:

    /temp/cckdQZcM.o: In function main':
    colorquant_reg.c:(.text+0x37: undefined reference to regTestSetup
    colorquant_reg.c:(.text+0xa5: undefined reference to regTestCleanup
    /tmp/cckdQZcM.o: In function TestImage'
    colorquant_reg.c:(.text+0xe0: undefined reference to pixRead
  • Question 1: How do I go about and compile this program?

  • Question 2: Is the undefined reference popping up because of me missing to include something further?


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Those are link errors - you need to either link the right library to get these missing functions or perhaps compile some additional files which are part of the package that you are playing with – Paul R Feb 16 '11 at 21:30
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Here's what I've done:

  • Download
  • Extract it to /home/misha/src
  • ./configure; make
  • copy prog/colorquant_reg.c to /home/misha/Desktop/stackoverflow
  • optionally, edit /home/misha/Desktop/stackoverflow/colorquant_reg.c to your liking -- it's not part of the library anymore. So I guess this is where you can add your new headers, etc.

Then, from /home/misha/Desktop/stackoverflow, I can compile the file using this command:

export LIBLEPT=/home/misha/src/leptonlib-1.67/
gcc colorquant_reg.c -I$LIBLEPT/src -L$LIBLEPT/src/.libs -llept -o colorquant_reg.out

The first line is just for convenience -- we can now use $LIBLEPT to refer to the long pathname. The second line is what does the compilation:

  • -I tells the compiler where to look for the include files
  • -L tells the compiler where to look for the library files (for the linker)
  • -llept tells the linker to link with leptonica (it will look for
  • -o specifies the output file, which now lives in ~/Desktop/stackoverflow/colorquant_reg.out
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Beautiful! Thanks a bunch! – Jes Chergui Feb 17 '11 at 10:43
Can you tell where does -llept option come from? I have build leptonica in windows using cygwin though it was build successfully, Programs weren't compiled until using -llept. I have no idea how it worked. Please can you tell me how it worked? – Ruwanka Madhushan Jul 14 '15 at 8:58

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