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This is a kind of non-objective question, since I think that the mileage may vary, but, given a scenario where I can use a Control Template (declared at the Resources section of my Page) or a UserControl, which would result in the best performance?

The reason for asking is that I've just had a performance issue with WPF (trying to create a table -- grid -- with as many as 5000 controls) and one thing that I did in order to improve the performance of the page was converting one control template (which represented one row within the grid) to a UserControl, which I suspected would bring better perfomance. But after profiling the code, I've found out that I actually lost performance -- not much, but enough for me to go back to the old code.

Anyone has any insight on the matter?

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For your question I don't have a good answer. However having a grid with 5000 controls sounds scaring. I would try to use a virtualizing-technology such as VirtualizingStackPanel, so that your controls will be recycled and only created if necessary (if possible).

Maybe this post gives you an idea.

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Additionally when you use Recycling option it will be keeping only visible number of containers. MSDN description… – baalazamon Feb 17 '11 at 8:22
Well, that should probably have been my first question. I didn't expected the user to create such a scenario -- I thought at most 500 lines, which would be a lot already. – Bruno Brant Feb 18 '11 at 0:15

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