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I am developing a browser plugin which I want to package and distribute. I would like to know how can I prompt a user to close all browsers during installation. I want to use PackageMaker for creating the installer.

Is there a better alternative ?

thank you

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I agree with the previous poster, forcing the browser to close will get you Adobe/Microsoft like hate from your users, including me.

But you can do it with the must-close tag in the Distribution.xml:

<!-- Lion and above App Closing -->
<pkg-ref id="com.company.pkg.SomeBrowerPlugin">
        <app id="com.apple.Safari"/>

More details on package generation here.

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Making users to quit browsers is futile, in my point of view. Many non-browser programs use webview (OS X's standard view showing html), which might be loading your plugin.

It would be easier to set your package so that it requires re-login or re-boot of the computer.

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If the user quits(not close) the browser, the plugin works. Otherwise the plugin is not loaded. – firemonkey Feb 20 '11 at 17:33

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