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Can anyone recommend any software/books required to learn and build fractal patterns? I want to also be able to animate the fractal patterns too. Like something off of winamp.

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There's lots of fractal programs out there.

I know that Ultrafractal is pretty popular, but not free.

As far as free ones go, there are programs such a ChaosPro and others. A quick google search will find them for you.

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You might like: The Computational Beauty of Nature

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I am working on a project in java for creating fractals (flame fractals). The user provides a script file in javascript, that takes care of the interpolation between fractals. Also, as input, one can provide a file that affects an animation in some way, so this is the way to make an animation change to some music, see for example

I can send you the source code if you provide me with an address.

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For book on animated fractal Fractals: An Animated Discussion with Edward Lorenz and Benoît Mandelbrot could be what you want.

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