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Is there a way to get all BindingExpression objects for a Window?

I am trying to refresh the form when the number PropertyChanged events that need to be fired to refresh a form is too high and not a good option. I am thinking doing it the other way that the form/window can re-query all bindings.

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If you raise PropertyChanged with the PropertyChangedEventArgs that have a parameter of null or String.Empty the bindings of all properties will update.

[MSDN Reference]

Doing it the other way around is a lot more complicated and probably more performance consuming i think. You would need to check every DependencyProperty of every DependencyObject in the whole window for bindings.

Edit: Wrote the following sketchy extension method which does what you asked for, it's awfully inefficient (there is probably room for improvement but you're still dealing with an algorithm of considerable complexity):

public static void UpdateAllBindings(this DependencyObject o)
    //Immediate Properties
    List<FieldInfo> propertiesAll = new List<FieldInfo>();
    Type currentLevel = o.GetType();
    while (currentLevel != typeof(object))
        currentLevel = currentLevel.BaseType;
    var propertiesDp = propertiesAll.Where(x => x.FieldType == typeof(DependencyProperty));
    foreach (var property in propertiesDp)
        BindingExpression ex = BindingOperations.GetBindingExpression(o, property.GetValue(o) as DependencyProperty);
        if (ex != null)

    int childrenCount = VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(o);
    for (int i = 0; i < childrenCount; i++)
        var child = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(o, i);
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