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I want to make a blackberry app installable over-the-air (OTA) by deploying it as an OSGi bundle. Any ideas on how to setup the OSGi bundle?

I believe I'll need a way to enable a directory listing at particular URL as well associate the mime type for two file types (*.cod, *.jad)

Any takers?

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See Wireless Application Deployment to BlackBerry Smartphones for the details.

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I'm restricted to deploying the app in an OSGi container. That's the part I'm scratching my head about. –  mjamal Feb 16 '11 at 23:26
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In the end I was able to figure it out.

Used the following:

For the most part I followed the steps laid out by Peter Friese (found here)

The tweaking required is as follows:

Tweak1: In the HttpServiceTracker's addingService() method one needs to invoke:

httpService.registerResources("/blackberry", "/appfiles", new CustomResourceHttpContext());

instead of the servlet registration to map a URL to the location of your files.

Tweak2: You'll need to create a folder called appfiles at the root of your eclipse project in which you place your blackberry binaries.

Tweak3: You'll need to implement your own custom HttpContext class inside the HTTPServiceTracker to associate the required mime types


public String getMimeType(String name) {
    if (name.endsWith(".jad")) {  
        return "text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor";  
    } else if (name.endsWith(".cod")) {  
     return "application/vnd.rim.cod";  
    } else {  
        return null;  

Caveat: In order to install the app over the air you'll need to specify the jad file name as there is no support for a directory listing using this approach.

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