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attr_protected lets you mark specific columns as protected, vs. attr_accessible which lets you mark all except a given set as protected. attr_readonly lets you mark specific columns as readonly. Is there an inverse that lets you mark all columns except for a given set as readonly?

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Perhaps you're after attr_accessible, which specifies the columns which are "mass-assignable" (as in, they can be passed into create and update_attributes). In effect this would mean they are protected from being written to.

To set this attribute:

@user.admin = true
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Nope, I'm looking for a way to say "this model has some important stuff in it, and I want it to be the default for all columns that it's impossible to screw up my controller code, or mess around in the console in a way that would overwrite them." –  XZVASFD Feb 17 '11 at 0:39

It's a bit of a hack, but I've found this works:

after_initialize do
  mutable_attributes = ["status", "updated_at"]
  self.class.attr_readonly *(self.attributes.keys - mutable_attributes)
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