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I am currently developing a Web-Application using Java EE where I'm using a Rich-Javascript-Editor ( As the user can easily add too many linebreaks that will be convertet to linebreak-tags, I need to remove all these Tags from the end of a String.

Is there an elegant way of using Regex to accomplish this?

An example String would be:

"This is a test <b>bold</b><br/><br/>" 

Where obviously the last two tags have to be removed.

Thank you in advance for any help

Best Regards, Robert

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Something like this:

String s = "This is a test <b>bold</b><br/><br/>";
String s2 = s.replaceAll("(\\s*<[Bb][Rr]\\s*/?>)+\\s*$", "");
// s2 = "This is a test <b>bold</b>";

Note that it will also remove trailing whitespace; you can delete the final \\s* if you don't want that.

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Replacing the "replace" with "replaceAll", this works perfectly, Thank you very much! – Robert M. Feb 16 '11 at 23:41

Here is a simple line of Java code to remove all instances of the substring "<br/>" from the end of a string myString:

myString = myString.replaceAll("(<br/>)+$", "");
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Thank you for your answer, works like a charm aswell :) – Robert M. Feb 16 '11 at 23:42

Try this one.Its working for me

myString =myString .replaceAll("<br/>", "");
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