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I can't build Castle Windsor source for SL40. I went to, downloaded latest. Edited ClickToBuild.cmd to read

CALL buildscripts\build.cmd SL40 ClickToBuild

But I get the following build error:

83,9): error : The OutputPath property is not set for project 'Castle.Wi
ndsor.Tests-SL.csproj'.  Please check to make sure that you have specifi
ed a valid combination of Configuration and Platform for this project.
Configuration='SL4-Release'  Platform='AnyCPU'.  You may be seeing this
message because you are trying to build a project without a solution fil
e, and have specified a non-default Configuration or Platform that doesn
't exist for this project. [C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\castleproject-Castle

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

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No need to edit anything. Just running build.cmd SL40 from the project root works for me (of course, make sure you have Silverlight 4 Tools installed)

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That worked, thanks. Problem was that I was using the ClickToBuild file which adds the command line parameter ClickToBuild. – Jeff Feb 17 '11 at 16:20

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