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So, annoyingly, the PDO_SQLSRV driver from Microsoft returns -1 on any rowCount() call from a SELECT query with non-scrollable cursors.

Further adding to the annoyance, the default cursor type is _FORWARD, meaning that I am seemingly having to add attributes to every prepared statement where I may need to get a row count back (in this app, that's A LOT) as below. This is unacceptable, as some of the database engines we will be using do not support scrollable cursors.

$pdo->prepare("SELECT x FROM y", array(PDO::ATTR_CURSOR, PDO::CURSOR_SCROLL));

Curiously this does not seem to work with PDO::query()...

Edit: As below, I've also tried PDO::setAttribute() and adding the option to PDO::__construct(), but neither throw exceptions or errors, or seem to actually do anything!

My question to you all is: is there a way to set the default cursor type to CURSOR_SCROLL?

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What about:



Also you can extend base PDO class with your own, with prepare method overriden:

class MyPdo extends PDO
    public function prepare($statement, $options = array())
        if (empty($options)) $options = array(PDO::ATTR_CURSOR => PDO::CURSOR_SCROLL);
        return parent::prepare($statement, $options);
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Forgot to mention - have tried this one, along with in PDO::__construct(, array()) but neither seem to have any effect. –  Keith Humm Feb 17 '11 at 1:01
@Keith Humm: updated the answer. –  zerkms Feb 17 '11 at 1:06
Yeah nice. Didn't even think of that :O –  Keith Humm Feb 17 '11 at 1:36
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