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I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and it seems IntelliJ can't start with memory greater than -Xmx1950m. The icon bounces in the dock, but nothing comes up.

My guess would be that it's trying to use a 32-bit version of Java, but everything seems correct. Did anybody run into this when upgrading?

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Are you sure that it's not set to run in 32-bit mode?

Another possible case if you had modified Info.plist manually and updated to 10.0.2 via patch, the file was not updated to the new version which can run in 64-bit mode.

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Unfortunately, that's not it. –  Joshua Hartman Feb 17 '11 at 17:34
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Reinstalling IntelliJ fixed the problem. My guess is that something was wrong in the IntelliJ's info.plist.

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