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I have seen several websites where people offer a free download of a video/audio/pdf file if the user follows them on Twitter. Basically the site shows a 'Follow on Twitter' button which redirects the user to twitter, makes them follow an account, tweets a marketing message and gives them the download link.

How would I get started recreating this on my own site? Is this done using Twitters API?


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It is most definitely done using the Twitter API.

You can use Twitter's login system and API to check the user has followed you, and then provide the download. Just store the fact that the person has received that file (don't prevent him/her from downloading it again in case the download fails).

In Psuedo-code:

user = getTwitterUser()
list[] = getTwitterFollowers(me)
if user in list:
    if !user.hasDownload():
        selection = provideUserOptions()
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Twitter is providing a REST API to follow a person after authentication. friendships/create help the user to do so. the api returns the user details who followed just now if success otherwise an error message. if its success then start download or whatever. now if you are really a starter and dont know how to create a clean app to build this, check this article.

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