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Allright, I have just about enough with the 1944-ish-pre-war-typemachine Courier New. Its rigid hammer-like serifs have certainly not been designed for pixel-grid tft monitors. Courier New was actually designed before even the television was invented.

My eyes stare at the code/monitor all day, thus they require a more pleasantly portrayed code.

Perhaps there are better fonts that are specifically designed for coding, on tft monitors? If so, then please suggest your most beloved typeface. Thanks. Much appreciated,

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Use a proportional font. You can fit more on the screen :P – alex Feb 17 '11 at 3:16
This question really belongs on Indeed, there's already at least one question there about it: What is your preferred font for working with code and data? – Matt B. Feb 18 '11 at 1:59

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It, in my humble opinion, depends a lot on what platform you're on. Windows, Linux and OS X have markedly different font rendering algorithms so certain fonts look best on certain platforms. On Linux I love MiscFixed. It's a standard console font that's sharp and bitmappy. On OS X I prefer either Inconsolata or Droid Sans Mono for programming. Courier New isn't all bad, I actually like a serifed monospace for programming, it's just too wide and its normal weight is too light.

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