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Can I access HttpRuntime in my unit Test method. When I try to access every time it shows HttpRuntime does not exist in the current context. In my target method which I do want to test accessing a Cache variable


Is it possible ? or am I missing anything here?


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You can create an HttpContext inside your unit test with a SimpleWorkerRequest object.

TextWriter writer = new StringWriter();
HttpWorkerRequest httpRequest = new SimpleWorkerRequest("virtualDir", "physicalDir", "page", "", writer);
HttpContext.Current = new HttpContext(httpRequest);
HttpContext.Current.Cache[key] = some value..
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Your best bet would be to refactor your target method to not access HttpRuntime directly, but instead to pass that information as a parameter or have it talk to an interface that wraps the HttpRuntime. That way you can break the dependency on HttpRuntime and make things much easier to test.

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