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Main idea to put these question is get exact features of SQL Server 2008 and how can I use it in my project.

So, please help to understand or explain me about SQL Server 2008.

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If you already know what's in SQL Server 2005, might I suggest looking at Microsoft's "What's New (SQL Server 2008)". It lists the following as being new/updated:

  • Database Engine
  • Analysis Services - Multidimensional Database
  • Analysis Services - Data Mining
  • Integration Services
  • Replication
  • Reporting Services
  • Service Broker

I don't see mention of Intellisense, but that is one new feature of SQL Server 2008 vs SQL Server 2005 that is definitely nice.

For a similar question, see: StackOverflow: Advantages to MS SQL Server 2008 over MS SQL Server 2005

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Activity monitor has been revamped so debugging and DB maintenance can be made easier and more reliable.

It exposes the data graphically in little graphs and in real-time, continuously updating.

I found this feature very useful in our projects.

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