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I am currently working on puppet using Amazon Fedora EC2 instances. Both Puppet Server and Client are working fine. I am able to create certificate from client and server is able to sign that but still whatever code I have written in manifest files doesn’t get executed.

Below mentioned is my code in Site.pp file :

class test_class {
    file { “/tmp/testfile”:
        ensure => present,
        mode => 644,
        owner => root,
        group => root

node puppetclient {
   include test_class

Here, puppetclient is the hostname of client. But still after signing certificate /tmp/testfile doesn’t get created.

DNS is also working perfectly fine. I can ping puppetserver(named as puppet) from puppet client.

Can you please tell me what must be the possible mistake ??

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Does it work if you do node default { include test_client }? Also, if you run the puppet master in debug mode --debug option what does the master think the client's hostname is? – AndrewF Feb 27 '11 at 4:49

It's probably just a typo in the question, but the default catalog file is 'site.pp', not 'Site.pp', so try it with 'site.pp' instead.

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