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How can you tell inside of a template if the page is being viewed as a single entry page or not?

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You would use the {total_results} variable (link) inside of the {exp:channel:entries} loop that generates the entries that you are targeting. For instance, if you're displaying entries for a blog, your template code could look something like this:

<ul class="entries">    
{exp:channel:entries channel="blog"}
  {if "{total_results}"=="1"}
    <li class="single-entry">
    <li class="entry">
      <a href="#">{title}</a>
  {if no_results}
    <li class="no-entries">No blog entries found.</li>
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You are better off checking for the presence of a segment to detect if you are on a single article view. There could be an instance where you only have one channel entry in your index view - eg if you are displaying news per month and its only 1st of the month.

By checking if segment_2 = url_title you'll also be able to keep pagination working correctly as /channel/p1 will work.

{if segment_2=="{url_title}"}  
    // show description
    // show summary
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