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<%= render :partial => "hello", :collection => hello %>


<%= div_for hello do %>
  <%= link_to image_tag( hello.image, :size => "75x75"), '#' %>
  <%= hello.updated_at.strftime('%m/%d/%Y') %>
<% end %>

Currently outputs:




Desired Output:

hello1 hello2 hello3 hello4

hello5 hello6 hello7 hello8


Basically I want to render the item side by side in columns instead of one per a line. I've tried using a table and I know how to float divs, but the problem I'm having is that rails generates the div class and id, and I don't know how to do this short of creating in the css file special rules for id1, id2, id3, id4, ...id200, etc. I was wondering if their was an easier way to put a specific number of items on one line.

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You can add a class to div_for, like this

<%= div_for(hello, :class => "SOMECLASS" do %>
  <%= link_to image_tag( hello.image, :size => "75x75"), '#' %>
  <%= hello.updated_at.strftime('%m/%d/%Y') %>
<% end %>

and then you can style the div with float:left, so that the divs will be side by side.

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